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GB-905285-A: Bistable trigger circuit patent, GB-905288-A: Lens moulding apparatus patent, GB-906006-A: Improvements in or relating to radio telemetering patent, GB-906105-A: Improved method of mounting a journal bearing patent, GB-906453-A: Improvements in low-frequency amplifiers patent, GB-906782-A: Improvements in and relating to swathers patent, GB-907577-A: Improvements in or relating to low-pressure fuel injection devices for internal combustion engines patent, GB-908643-A: Improvements in or relating to the dry cleaning of fabrics patent, GB-908706-A: Improvements relating to the manufacture of hollow metal enclosure walls patent, GB-908731-A: Container for fluids under pressure patent, GB-909902-A: Tube welding apparatus patent, GB-910124-A: An improved construction of shoes patent, GB-910781-A: Improvements relating to synchronisation of multiple programme sources in televisionnetworks patent, GB-910791-A: Liquid dispenser patent, GB-911683-A: Improvements in or relating to racks for supporting articles patent, GB-912322-A: Welding generator set patent, GB-912544-A: Improvements in electric lighting fittings patent, GB-912577-A: Improvements in or relating to pistol-grip attachments for cameras patent, GB-913052-A: A new steroid compound and its preparation patent, GB-913111-A: Improvements in or relating to variable resistors or potentiometers patent, GB-913122-A: Improvements in or relating to cages for rolling bearings patent, GB-913226-A: Improvements relating to polishing, buffing or like machines patent, GB-913560-A: Apparatus for stacking newspapers and the like patent, GB-913755-A: Remote controlled indicator patent, GB-914043-A: Distributing system for an endless conveyor having load-receiving stations along itspath patent, GB-914764-A: Improvements relating to the preparation of chromium carbonyl derivatives patent, GB-915168-A: Improvements relating to releasable connectors patent, GB-916168-A: Improvements in and relating to navigational computers patent, GB-917599-A: Improvements relating to electronic limiting circuits patent, GB-919041-A: Shaft seal patent, GB-919629-A: New or improved tent construction applicable to a vehicle patent, GB-919755-A: Improvements relating to the storage and transportation of extremely cold liquids patent, GB-919904-A: A method of and apparatus for manufacturing tufted pile carpets patent, GB-920263-A: Improvements in or relating to teleprinter apparatus patent, GB-922235-A: Data translation system patent, GB-922930-A: Spermicidal composition and method of making same patent, GB-923281-A: Process for cleaning the interior of confining vessels or similar containers patent, GB-923298-A: A sawing machine for cutting stones and having a movable frame patent, GB-924096-A: Improvements relating to pull cords patent, GB-924215-A: A device for use in the frogressive lagging of mine seams patent, GB-924459-A: Modified unsaturated polyester resins patent, GB-925406-A: Impregnated and/or coated cloth, filaments, or fibers patent, GB-925721-A: Semiorganic compounds containing phosphorus and silicon patent, GB-926386-A: Improvements in or relating to internal combustion engines patent, GB-926579-A: Improvements in or relating to lubricators for valves patent, GB-926612-A: Improvements in plant for pickling metallic strip or wire patent, GB-926621-A: Gauge patent, GB-926799-A: Melt spinning apparatus patent, GB-926927-A: Improvements in or relating to vehicle suspension systems patent, GB-927151-A: Improvements relating to containers for sterilisation purposes patent, GB-927213-A: Means for assisting the rearing of animals patent, GB-927606-A: Improvements in or relating to casting machines patent, GB-927781-A: Improvements in or relating to apparatus for producing time scale markings on magnetic records patent, GB-928976-A: Method for producing a girder patent, GB-929049-A: Improvements in shelving arrangements patent, GB-930302-A: A process for preparing thiamine derivatives patent, GB-931443-A: Improvements in or relating to remote operating tools patent, GB-931925-A: Improvements in and relating to steam generators patent, GB-933158-A: New 5-nitrofuryl 2-methylidene hydrazides of diazine-carboxylic acids and process for their manufacture patent, GB-933214-A: Cobaltiferous monoazo-dyestuffs and process for their manufacture patent, GB-933530-A: Improvements in skirt hangers patent, GB-933870-A: A method and apparatus for the measurement and regulation of the quantity of a loose material continuously transported per unit of time patent, GB-934221-A: Improvements relating to nuclear reactor refuelling arrangements patent, GB-935284-A: Improvements in or relating to road vehicle suspension systems patent, GB-936052-A: Improvements in or relating to guides for cargo hoisting equipment patent, GB-936070-A: Web severing and roll winding mechanism patent, GB-936237-A: Method and apparatus for constructing subterranean concrete walls patent, GB-936315-A: Combined motor and compressor units for use in heat pumps patent, GB-936987-A: Apparatus for assembling impeller assemblies patent, GB-937143-A: Improvements in or relating to a combined closure and relief valve assembly patent, GB-937392-A: Means for turning or reversing the direction of movement of web-shaped material at the end of a run patent, GB-937454-A: Improvements relating to electronic apparatus for indicating variations in the lengths of time intervals between pulses patent, GB-937980-A: Resinous polyesters patent, GB-938048-A: patent, GB-938745-A: Improvements in and relating to paper making apparatus patent, GB-938802-A: Improvements in and relating to dispensing continuous web material patent, GB-938808-A: Improvements in and relating to reciprocating pumps patent, GB-939161-A: Improvements in or relating to the unwrapping or to the unwrapping and dispensing offilm sheets, and apparatus therefor patent, GB-939218-A: Improvements relating to stereophonic sound apparatus patent, GB-939429-A: Improvements in or relating to steam turbine power plant patent, GB-939516-A: Sulphonyl ureas patent, GB-940380-A: Catalysts containing ferric oxide and their production patent, GB-940406-A: Improvements relating to vehicles with double axles patent, GB-940948-A: Improvements in or relating to locking devices for glass doors and the like patent, GB-943561-A: Separators patent, GB-943584-A: Road vehicle for heavy loads patent, GB-943619-A: Improvements in or relating to book forming and pressing machines patent, GB-943668-A: Separable fasteners patent, GB-943883-A: Supply conductors for electrical apparatus patent, GB-944042-A: Thermal relay patent, GB-944293-A: A process for the production of ferro-magnetic materials having constancy of permeability by heat treatment in a magnetic field patent, GB-945230-A: A device for the sequential assembly of apparatus such as watch-movements, micro-switches, voltmeters, ammeters and the like patent, GB-945325-A: Improvements in or relating to threshing devices, particularly for combine harvesters patent, GB-945609-A: Improvements in cutter drums and picks therefor for coal cutting and the like patent, GB-946191-A: Differential thermal analysis apparatus patent, GB-946276-A: Improvements in automatic feeding apparatus patent, GB-946683-A: Improvements in or relating to sieve drum driers patent, GB-947167-A: Improvements in or relating to nuclear-chlorinated aromatic compounds patent, GB-947285-A: A method of controlling thermal processes performed on travelling grates patent, GB-947802-A: Process and machine for the washing of fabrics patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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